Veterinary Ultrasound Equipment Can Ensure Balanced Production

- Jan 11, 2019 -

The use of veterinary ultrasound equipment  for clinical monitoring of pregnant sows not only has the advantages of simple operation and accurate judgment, but also can dynamically observe the growth and development of pigs, growth rate, fetal survival, and the number of fetuses.

Veterinary Ultrasound Equipment Can Ensure Balanced Production

Veterinary ultrasound equipment can ensure balanced production: the key to the production efficiency of large-scale pigs is balanced production, balanced production depends on balanced breeding, B-ultrasound monitoring can accurately grasp the number of pregnant sows at the same time, while B-ultrasound can observe the postpartum uterus in the sows, If it is applied in production, the sows with normal reproductive function can be selected to participate in breeding, accurately grasp the number of healthy sows, and improve the conception rate to ensure balanced production.

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