Veterinary Ultrasound Equipment Can Bring Direct Benefits

- Jan 04, 2019 -

Veterinary ultrasound equipment can bring direct economic benefits: In the past, the routine early pregnancy diagnosis method, for the sows that did not estrus and not pregnant after mating in the first oestrum, generally need to wait until the breeding  84 days (1 month before births ) Can check it out with confidence. Such sows cause about 60 days of "ineffective feeding" during a breeding cycle. Early pregnancy monitoring with B-ultrasound, the accuracy rate of pregnancy diagnosis for the first-term breeding of non-pregnant sows is 98% (completely 100% under the skillful operation) at least 6 ( or 8) higher than the conventional methods.percentage point. Since these unfertilized sows can be sifted out or to promote estrus in a timely manner, measures can be taken to avoid “ineffective feeding”.

Veterinary Ultrasound Equipment Can Bring Direct Benefits

Veterinary ultrasound equipment routine pregnancy test, early identification of nonpregnant sows to reduce feeding waste, increase economic efficiency, the use of B-ultrasound for early pregnancy test after diagnosis of pregnancy accuracy increased by at least 9 percentage points, timely detection of non-pregnant sows, avoid "ineffective feeding".

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