Veterinary Ultrasound Equipment And Synchronous Ovulation Technique

- Jan 25, 2019 -

Veterinary ultrasound equipment can diagnose pregnancy within 30 days after cow breeding,reduced pregnancy diagnosis by nearly 20 days than rectal examination,find nonpregnant in advance and shorten the interval.Synchronous ovulation timing insemination technology is a technical method to improve the herd participation rate.Synchronous ovulation technology has its own advantages:can significantly increase the herd participation rate,but there are also some shortcomings.The technique is to induce ovulation and timing breeding in cattle in batches,so the estrus identification of cattle is generally not detailed enough.A large proportion of cattle using this technology usually have certain reproductive disorders.

Veterinary Ultrasound Equipment And Synchronous Ovulation Technique

Therefore, use synchronous ovulation technology to breeding cattle usually has a slightly lower rate of conception,the empty pregnant rate of cattle is relatively high,the increase in empty pregnant rate has greatly lengthened the interval between calving.Using B-ultrasound technology to diagnosis cattle early pregnancy,can be 20 days in advance to screening out unpregnancy cows as soon as possible,timely replenishment to avoid the prolongation of calving interval due to empty pregnant, so that the ovulation technology in the same period is more perfect. 

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