Time Problems And Re-examination In Early Pregnancy

- Dec 07, 2018 -

1.Time problems in the diagnosis of early pregnancy

In theory, people can judge whether a cow is pregnant by using animal pregnancy test to detect whether it has a gestational sac after 24 days of breeding. However, in practical applications, it is found that some cows are not easy to see obvious ovarian changes and gestational sacs when they are examined within 24-30 days after breeding, and it is difficult to confirm the diagnosis. Therefore, in the time of early pregnancy examination, it is recommended to carry out 30 days after breeding, which is easier to judge, avoid misdiagnosis and cause unnecessary loss.


2.The problem of re-examination after diagnosis of early pregnancy

In practical applications, B-ultrasound is used for 30-day-old cows after the breeding. After the pregnancy is diagnosed, in order to prevent unskillful operation in the use of B-ultrasound, the image is unclear and the early embryonic abortion, can do a re-examination.

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