TIANCHI Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner Diagnose Uterine Abnormalities

- Nov 09, 2018 -

Uterine abnormalities that can be diagnosed with TIANCHI veterinary ultrasound scanner include endometritis, uterine purulence, embryo loss, and fetal corpse. For the ultrasound image of endometritis, the cavity expands, and the cavity contains scattered small pieces of semi-reflective structure to varying degrees. 


The degree of reflection depends on the composition of the fluid in the uterus. When the uterus is thick and filled with white blood cells and fiber fragments, its reflective properties are similar to those of the uterine wall. For embryo loss, the uterine wall becomes thicker and the fetal bones are stretched in the non-reflective fetal water, which can produce reflection. In the corpse of the fetus, the fetus is a mass, completely lacking fetal water.

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