Tianchi Snowflake Ice Machine Unique Design

- Oct 17, 2018 -

      The Tianchi Snowflake Ice Machine adopts the Italian advanced click, the noise is particularly low, the stability is particularly good, and the performance is particularly reliable;

      The snowflake ice machine has full ice making, and the operation of water shortage operation is faulty, and the amount of ice making is particularly large;

      In the process of ice making, the snowflake ice machine is controlled by the whole computer program. It is especially convenient to use, and the exterior feels luxurious decoration. The design is simple and clear, saving space.


      The instrument itself has its own unique advantages:

      First, the all-stainless steel overall design prevents corrosion and durability, unique structural design, and compact design.

      Second, the effect of the snow ice machine itself is particularly good, saving energy, environmental protection and safety.

      Third, the use of high-quality compressors meets environmental requirements.

      Fourth, the whole process of computer chip control, security without any pollution.

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