The Puberty Period And Body Maturity Of Cows

- Sep 14, 2018 -

When the genital organs of the cow are basically developed, they begin to produce eggs with fertilization ability.The stage of development from puberty to gradual transition to body maturity is called sexual maturity.Therefore, sexual maturity begins with the first erotic period.The puberty period is also the beginning of sexual maturity.

The Puberty Period And Body Maturity Of Cows

The puberty age is affected by the breed, nutrition, climate and feeding and management conditions of the cattle. Early maturing varieties, warm climates, and good breeding and management conditions can make the cow's puberty early.

Body maturity means that the bones, muscles and internal organs of cattle have been basically developed, and have the inherent body structure of adult cattle. The maturity of the cow is far later than sexual maturity. In production, cows can only begin breeding after they have reached maturity.

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