Pregnancy Test Methods Of Veterinary B-ultrasound Diagnostic Instrument

- Sep 21, 2018 -

Animal pregnancy test methods:

1.pregnancy test time:pregnancy 21-28 days,35-42 days or so to make pregnancy test.

2.After the device is warmed up,be sure to apply a proper amount of couplant on the top of the probe (the special sealant for ultrasonic diagnosis is beneficial to the probe and the skin),and the probe is closely attached to the skin of the pig.Move and observe the device screen to see if there are any obvious black spots or black circles with holes to judge whether it is pregnant.Before the probe touches the skin of the pig,it must be confirmed whether there is any dirt on the skin.If there is dirt,it will affect the diagnosis.

Pregnancy Test Methods Of Veterinary B-ultrasound Diagnostic Instrument

3.endometritis sows on the screen display for pregnancy,but with the difference in the display of pregnancy,can be distinguished after proficiency.

4.When the screen displays a particularly large black circle with a hole,sometimes close to occupying the entire display,it is the bladder.

5.When the diagnosis on the right side of the pig is negative,repeat the test on the left side. If both are negative,the pig can be initially identified as an empty sow.

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