Pregnancy Monitoring And Disease Examination Methods

- Jul 27, 2018 -

1.Pig inspection:the examined sows are free to stand or lie on their sides in the restricted enclosure,on the inside of their thighs,and finally on the ventral wall of the lateral nipples.During exploration,the probe is simply coated with coupling agent and then attached to the lower abdominal wall.There is no injury and stimulation during the exploration.It has the characteristics of short exploration time,no stress and high accuracy.The image is intuitive,when you see the dark area of the pregnant sac or fetal skeleton image,you can confirm the early pregnancy positive.Early pregnancy monitoring can be carried out at first 18 days after mating for 22 days,and the accuracy of pregnancy monitoring can reach 100%.

Pregnancy Monitoring And Disease Examination Methods

2.Inspection of cattle:Rectal or body surface examination can be used.When the rectal examination,the probe is brought directly into the rectum,the accuracy rate can reach 100% at 32 days.

3.Inspection of other parts of the animal:the body surface projection part of the examined organ can be simply depilated and coated with coupling agent.By turning the probe,a variety of cross-sectional images of the inspected organ can be obtained,and various diseases can be diagnosed.

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