Methods Of Improving The Fecundity Of Sheep With Ultrasound Scanner

- Aug 03, 2018 -

1.Increase the proportion of age-appropriate ewes in the flock.

In the flock,the proportion of age-appropriate ewes in the flock should be more than 60%,which is an effective and important measure to improve the fecundity of sheep.

2.Check the ewes that have entered the appropriate age but are not pregnant,and eliminate the infertile ewes in time.

For the ewes that are not pregnant,we must find out the cause of infertility and solve it in time.For the ewes who are still infertile after entering the second year,the ewes need to be eliminated.This is because the ewes that are infertile after the first year have higher infertility rates in the later breeding period.The ewes that produce the dead lambs in the first trimester have a higher proportion of dead lambs in the subsequent parity.

Methods Of Improving The Fecundity Of Sheep With Ultrasound Scanner

3.Choosing the offspring of the ewes with a high rate of double-bred.

The number of lambs that were born by the ewes is closely related to the genetic performance of the sheep.Practice has proved that select and remain the offspring of the breeding sheep with a high rate of twin lambs will significantly increase the rate of twin lambs produced by their offspring,and will also have a certain impact on improving the fecundity of the flock.

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