Measuring Liquid Nitrogen Using A Liquid Level Alarm

- Jan 21, 2019 -

Liquid nitrogen is injected into the liquid nitrogen tank, and the lid is covered as soon as possible. After that, the liquid nitrogen tank ultrasonic level measurement display device is plugged on the liquid nitrogen tank mouth every 3~5 days.


The liquid level alarm device is activated, and the ultrasonic transmitter emits an ultrasonic beam to the surface of the liquid nitrogen in the liquid nitrogen tank, the sound wave is reflected by the liquid nitrogen surface, and the partially reflected echo is received by the ultrasonic receiver, and the ultrasonic echo signal is synchronously transmitted through the synchronous receiving circuit in real time. The single-chip computer can measure the liquid level height by calculating the propagation speed and time of the ultrasonic wave in the air, and display it in real time through the liquid crystal display.

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