Measurement Methods Of Pigs Ultrasound

- Aug 10, 2018 -

Pigs restraint:The measured pig can be limited by the iron fence, so that it can stand naturally,and we can properly feed the fodder to keep the pig quiet,when the pig is measured,if it arches it's back,the measured data will on deviation,we need to avoid that.

Operational program of measuring pig:Cutting the hair in the measuring area (try to cut it as clean as possible and scab it with warm water when necessary)→Dabbing coupling agent (or vegetable oil) on the probe plane,probe mode plane and pig-back measuring position→The probe and probe mould are placed in the measuring position,so that the probe mould is closely connected with the back of the pig→Observing and adjusting screen effects to freeze images when desired images are obtained→Measuring backfat thickness and area of the eye muscle,adding information(such as measurement time,the number of pig and gender )→Printing image or processing storage.

Measurement Methods Of Pigs Ultrasound

Precautions:During the measuring by pigs ultrasound,the probe,the probe model should be closely connected with measured part,but not under heavy pressure.The linear plane of the probe is perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the midline of the pig's back and cannot be chamfered.When identifying the ultrasound image,firstly determine three or four strong echogenic images produced by the skin interface,interfacial connective tissue and the longissimus dorsi muscle membrane.Then,determine the strong echo image of the sarcolemma around the eye muscle to determine the perimeter of the eye muscle area.

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