Measurement Methods And Measuring Position Of Pigs Ultrasound

- Dec 21, 2018 -

Measurement Methods Of Pigs Ultrasound

For the determination of pigs, the iron fence limit can be used or the pig baoding device can be used to set the mouth to allow the pig to stand naturally. The iron bar limit can be properly fed to the fine material to keep it quiet, and the pig is not allowed to bow or arch the back when measuring to avoid there is a deviation in the measured data.


Measuring position

1. Pig live back and eye muscle area are generally measured at the same location. Usually, the three-point average value is used, that is, the shoulder edge (about 4th ribs to 5th ribs), the last rib and the waist joint joint are 4cm from the midline of the back, and both sides can be used.

2. Some people only measure 10th ribs ~ 11th ribs (or the last 3th ribs ~ 4th ribs) at a distance of 4cm from the midline of the back. The choice of measuring points can be determined according to actual needs.

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