Liquid Nitrogen Tank Inspection Method

- Sep 01, 2017 -

Liquid Nitrogen Tank Inspection Method

Liquid nitrogen tank to use the process to be often checked,commonly used methods for eye observation and hand touch the shell.

If you find the appearance of hanging cream, should stop using. In particular, the neck wall with frost when the ice should not use a knife to scratch, to prevent damage to the inner wall of the neck tube, resulting in poor vacuum. The liquid nitrogen should be removed and allowed to melt naturally.

Check the liquid nitrogen tank liquid nitrogen residue can be used weighing method or stick bar exploration method: weighing method is to use before the empty tank to say the weight, filled with liquid nitrogen and then called a weight, and then every period of time A weight can be calculated at the time the quality of liquid nitrogen loaded; stick bar exploration method is a solid plastic rods or sticks into the bottom of the liquid nitrogen tank,later removed, the length of frost is the height of liquid nitrogen, if used Hollow metal pipe measurement,the metal should be blocked with cotton balls so that airtight, to prevent liquid nitrogen spray from the tube wounding.


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