Liquid Nitrogen Tank Frost Or Icing Normal?

- Nov 20, 2017 -

     Liquid nitrogen tank in use, due to liquid nitrogen vaporization energy absorption and cooling, water vapor condensation in the air, the emergence of frost or icing is normal, not leakage of nitrogen. If not in use, the temperature is not very low, there are frost or icing phenomenon, it may be leakage of nitrogen.

     If internal frost or icing is mainly due to the liquid nitrogen tank between the heat exchange between the outer and the air formed by the condensation of water vapor. Ordinary liquid nitrogen tank mild frosting or freezing is a normal phenomenon, if the frosting or freezing serious situation we must pay attention to.

Liquid Nitrogen Tank Frost Or Icing Normal?

     Normally the normal range of use for the cryogenic liquid nitrogen tank design (XL-45 to XL-65) is 9.2 meters of gas and 8 liters of liquid per minute. If you exceed this range of use will appear serious frost or icy conditions. When the gas temperature is low, with particular attention to it on the use of equipment will have some damage. This phenomenon is also reflected in the tank bottom will be more serious frost or icing. The solution is to connect a cryogenic tank in parallel again.

     Cryogenic tank delivered from the factory to the user after long-distance transport, in the process may be in the top of the tank level intermediate level gauge there is a slightly loose connection. Not obvious when the jar is not in use, there will be a lot of frosting after use.

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