Introduction And Application Of Pet B Ultrasound

- May 25, 2018 -

With the increasing improvement of people living standards, pet industry is also developing rapidly.People love to keep small animals as their own pets,followed by pet disease also troubled many people who love animals.Therefore,the development of pet hospitals must also be constantly improved.And a relatively well-equipped pet hospital is bound to be equipped with a B-ultrasound instrument.The application of animal B ultrasound in pet medicine cannot be ignored.It can detect many lesions,foreign bodies,effusion and overlay which happens in the abdominal cavity.It can also help  pet doctors to make the correct diagnosis.Moreover, B-ultrasound has no radiation effects on human and animal health compared to X-ray examination.

Introduction And Application Of Pet B Ultrasound

Pet B ultrasound plays a decisive role in the diagnosis of diseases,because it can accurately display a series of diseases of internal organs,such as inflammation,tumors,foreign bodies,stones,sclerosis,effusion,and other X-ray can not clearly show these.In the sonographic imaging of B ultrasound, the inflammation appeared as thickening of the wall membrane,the tumor showed as the abnormal mass of echo,the foreign body showed as abnormal echo mass appears in the echo of the normal cavity,and the stone appeared as the mass of strong echoic mass accompanied by acoustic image.Sclerosis showed that the echo of parenchyma was stronger than that of normal parenchyma of the organ,and the effusion showed as anechoic zone.

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