Ice Making Mechanism Ice Has Been Drained

- Jan 09, 2019 -

Why is the ice system always draining when it is iced? There may be a system ice block. Causes of ice blockage:

1. In the case of pressurized leak test, the water vapor in the air is compressed into water, which is injected into the pipeline to cause ice blockage.

2. After the evaporator is broken, the water molecules in the frozen (storage) chamber will be brought into the compressor together with the water vapor molecules in the air (the negative pressure will be generated in the generator when the machine is turned on, and the atmospheric pressure will be wet). Water molecules in the air are brought into the machine).

3. The process pipe is not sealed after being opened, and it is not repaired in time. This kind of frost that has been put on for a long time, coupled with the occasional opening, the moisture in the air will be brought into the machine from the outside of the nozzle. There are also compressors that are not sealed and placed for a long time. If they are changed to frost without drying, they will cause ice blockage and dirty blockage.

4. The refrigerant has too much water, and the filling will cause ice blockage.

5. The drying filter is aging and loses its proper function of drying and absorbing water. Among the above five items, the two and the two are most prominent.


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