Ice Maker Indicator Instructions

- Apr 18, 2018 -

    The five lights on the front panel of the electronic snow machine monitor the following conditions:

    Green light:The machine is on.

    Yellow light:The refrigerator is full of ice, and 10 seconds after the ice is removed, the machine automatically resumes work.

    Yellow light:water tank water shortage, when the water comes 10 seconds, the machine automatically resumes work

    Red light:The condenser temperature is too high or the ambient temperature is too low

    Red light:flashing 3 minute delay time (normal)

    Red light:ice steering error or speed below 850.r.P.m

    The red light is shining. The evaporator temperature is high: after the power on for 10 minutes, the evaporation temperature has not dropped below -1°C.


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