Ice Maker Application Area

- May 02, 2018 -

    Applications of ice maker- Food, Pharmaceutical, Medical, Glass, and Other Industries Dairy products and beverages often require rapid cooling after heating. The steel pipes, water tanks, and water pumps of chillers are made of stainless steel to meet sanitary requirements.

    Drugs, biological products Production and storage require a low temperature and low humidity environment. Low-temperature chillers can use ethylene glycol as a refrigerant to provide 5...-15°C cryogenic liquid to provide the necessary cold source for low temperature and low humidity. When it is still necessary to cool in winter, the unit can be equipped with a special control system so that the unit can still maintain cooling at a low temperature of -15°C.


    Medical equipment: If it is necessary to provide reliable cold sources without interruption, such as magnetic resonance equipment, the company developed a dual-system industrial chiller. When a refrigeration system unit fails, the other refrigeration system is automatically put into operation, increasing the reliability of the system.

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