How Does Liquid Nitrogen Tank Preserve Protease?

- Nov 03, 2017 -

    How does liquid nitrogen tank preserve protease? Some Internet users search for answers, "I need to go to the surrounding villages and towns to collect insect samples, and then back to the laboratory for testing, measuring in vivo worm activity.

How Does Liquid Nitrogen Tank Preserve Protease?

    Ready to put the liquid nitrogen tank down, ask your hero, how to save the insects in order to more accurately measure the enzyme activity. Personal knowledge, from other places back to the laboratory, environmental conditions have changed, parasite enzyme activity will be a corresponding change.

    "Enthusiastic users to answer" Because you have liquid nitrogen, I would like to use PE gloves or lowercase plastic bags wrapped insects, into the liquid nitrogen preservation, there should be no big problem.

    Do not repeatedly freeze-thaw, enzyme activity changes should not be large. Or the best worms can be returned to the laboratory.This is my own opinion, hope to help you.

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