How Do You Use Liquid Nitrogen Tank, Do You Really Know?

- Aug 06, 2018 -

        How to use liquid nitrogen tank, liquid nitrogen should be paid special attention when shipping?

        1. Other low-temperature media should not be loaded into the liquid nitrogen tank, and only liquid nitrogen can be filled.

        2. The container should be placed in a cool, dry place, and the room should be well ventilated.


        3. The evacuation nozzle adopts a repeatable pumping structure, please do not start it, so as not to affect the cold preservation performance.

        4.After the liquid nitrogen tank is contaminated, it can be used for clean water cleaning. First drain the liquid nitrogen, and then clean it after returning to normal temperature. When cleaning the storage container, please do not put too much water to avoid damage to the container when dumping the sewage.

        5.For the liquid nitrogen tank newly purchased by the user, the evaporation loss of the liquid nitrogen tank container should be measured first. If a special phenomenon occurs, continue to use.

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