Diagnosis Of Dog Early Pregnancy By Veterinary B Ultrasound

- Jun 22, 2018 -

    According to the breed and individual of the dog is different,its gestation period is 58-65 days,it is usually 62 days;the egg starts implantation at 15-18 days after fertilization;generally speaking gestational sac can be detected with B ultrasonic at about 20 days after breeding.

   Judge dog early pregnancy by animal pregnancy scan was mainly based on the observation of GS in the circular fluid dark area and the enlargement of the uterine angle section,the thickening of the uterine wall in the uterine area of ultrasound section sonographic.Most of the exploration methods are to use 5 or 7.5 MHz linear array or fan scan probe to observe the plain section of transverse, longitudinal and oblique directions of abdominal wall and bilateral abdominal wall after shearing hair on the ventral bottom wall or both sides of the abdominal wall.When there is one or more GS dark areas, can be judged as pregnant.However,it is also necessary to distinguish GS from an effusion of the intestineor or uterine effusion.When the transverse and longitudinal sections are circular fluid dark areas and the wall is thicker and the echo is stronger,it is GS;the transverse section is circular, the longitudinal section is strip liquid dark area and the tube wall is thin,it is lumen effusion.

Diagnosis Of Dog Early Pregnancy By Veterinary B Ultrasound

   The accuracy rate of positive early pregnancy in dogs can reach 100% for skilled operators;the negative judgment of early pregnancy in dogs should be cautious,because the uterine horn of dogs is very thin(usually less than 1 centimeter in diameter)when unpregnancy and before 20 days of gestation and can hardly see the lumen.Therefore,it is difficult to be detected by B ultrasound.When it is suspected that the early pregnancy is negative,it should repeat detection many times during the 23-25 days or later gestation period,and it is more likely to make mistakes in the negative judgment of the early pregnancy when the number of pregnant children is very small.

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