B Type Ultrasonic Diagnosis

- Aug 24, 2018 -

B ultrasonic machine,also known as ultrasound tomography,can display the tomographic image of the site being explored,and diagnose the pregnancy based on the scan of the uterus containing the fetal water,the fetal image or the fetal heart.

B Type Ultrasonic Diagnosis 

Let the breeding sows stand freely or lie sideways in the limit bar,in the rear ribs of the sow,on the last 1 pair of nipples,use the 5MHz ultrasonic tomograph probe to align the pelvic inlet and scan the uterus.With showing the tomogram of the embryo sac and embryo as positive,pregnant;with showing the tomogram of the non-pregnant uterus as negative,unpregnancy;with showing the inflatable intestine and the uterus can not be shown as suspicious,and review at the next exploration.The application of B-ultrasound can detect round gestational sac on the 18th day after breeding,and the irregularly shaped gestational sac containing blastocysts can be detected after 28 days.

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