Application Range Of Veterinary B-ultrasonic In Pig Farm

- Jul 20, 2018 -

1.Pigs ultrasound monitoring follicular development and ovulation provide a reliable scientific basis for when to breed and improve breeding rate;

2.B ultrasound early pregnancy monitoring can find empty sows in time at the earliest 18 days after breeding,so as to make corresponding treatment as soon as possible;

3.B ultrasound monitoring during pregnancy can detect stillborn foetus,abortion and embryo absorption in time,and can estimate the number of pregnant offspring at the same time;

Application range of veterinary B-ultrasonic in pig farm

4.B-ultrasound monitoring during the delivery period can determine the vitality of the fetus and whether the fetus and the placenta are exhausted;

5.Postpartum B-ultrasound monitoring can observe the recovery of the uterus,and diagnose endometritis,pyometra,effusion and other reproductive disorders;

6.It can be used for the determination of backfat thickness and eye muscle area in vivo,providing accurate data for breeding pig breeding and quality identification.

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