Application Of Cattle Ultrasound In Early Pregnancy Diagnosis

- Oct 19, 2018 -

Cattle ultrasound can diagnose early pregnancy:

Rectal ultrasound scan can be used to observe the early embryos of dairy cows and make accurate pregnancy diagnosis based on the image characteristics of different periods, and it will not cause damage to the maternal body and fetus.In general,applying a 5.0MHz or 7.5MHz probe works well.

Ultrasound detection of the embryo and fetus of the cow showed that there was a small area with discontinuous no reflective in the uterine cavity 12 to 14 days after the breeding, which was a liquid-collecting blastocyst;then the blastocyst gradually increased,and at 20 days,in the blastocyst structure appeared the short linear embryo body;at 22 days,the embryonic body beat can be detected;at 22 to 30 days,the embryo body is C-shaped.

Application Of Cattle Ultrasound In Early Pregnancy Diagnosis

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