Application Of B-ultrasound In The Diagnosis Of Liver Diseases

- Apr 20, 2018 -

Liver disease is also a common disease in dogs. It can be caused by the liver itself or secondary to other diseases. Congenital transposition of hepatic portal vein in dogs is a rare and difficult disease to diagnose.The accuracy of veterinary B ultrasound in the diagnosis of these diseases was 90%.Liver abscess, hematoma, sclerosis and fatty liver are the four major diseases in liver disease.B-mode ultrasound is able to correctly distinguish these four types of diseases because they exhibit their own specific echo patterns on ultrasound images.Gallstone is a kind of disease with stone mass in the gallbladder or bile duct, which is shown as a strong echo mass on B-ultrasound images.In addition, B-ultrasound can also guide the puncture examination of the liver, thus achieving the purpose of timely and correct diagnosis of the disease.

Application of B-ultrasound in the Diagnosis of Liver Diseases

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